A True Competitive Advantage

"PackageX is a true Competitive Advantage! Using collaboration technology to build a digital moat around your customers."
By Tom Flickinger - Packaging Specialists

What does it take to gain the upper hand on the competition nowadays? We have great customer service; they have great customer service. We are ISO certified; they are ISO certified. We have great product quality; they have great product quality. PSI If fact, all the differentiating qualities that made us successful in the past are now only the minimum requirements to stay in the game

We used to rely on long-standing relationships with our customer’s buyer.

We had him over for dinner, went to ballgames together, and our children shared the same birthday. Now, the buyer is a kid with an MBA who isn’t married, hates baseball, and repels down mountains over the weekend..

Today, all of our customers are being attacked from competitors that never considered calling on them before. How can we protect our customers from attack? How do we differentiate ourselves from the competition?



The solution to some of our problems lies in the application of new technologies into our old practices. Consider the defense of castles in the 13th century. Many defenses were employed to repel the attack of the enemy, but one defense was particularly effective: the moat. The moat was devised to prevent the castle from being besieged. Enemies found it hard to tunnel below or to wade across for fear of drowning. It also slowed the attackers down, making them a big target for the castle guards.

Therefore, all we have to do is to build a moat around our customers to prevent them from being besieged by our competitors.

Since we can't physically build a moat around our customers, let's see if we can build a digital moat instead. A moat that will cause our competitors to have a very hard time tunneling around or perhaps drown them in the effort or at least slow them down so that we can counterattack their efforts. At the same time, our new young mountain climbing buyer loves technology and would jump all over it.

Enter collaborative project management technology. If your customers are like mine, they all want to do things faster. They need to consider keeping a host of fellow associates aware of their progress within their organization. They need to coordinate with third parties from around the globe instantly. They need sign-offs from various departments before they can proceed, and everyone they need to coordinate with is traveling and can’t be reached. This causes delays in the project management process. It consumes your needed manufacturing time, but the delivery date hasn’t changed. Sound familiar?

PackageX has developed such a tool for the independent sheet plant. A web based collaborative management tool that speeds time to market for your customer. It coordinates the needs of multiple players in a real-time setting and establishes a new process into your customer’s workflow that would be hard to duplicate by your competitors. And you get the credit for the new tool. A digital moat now surrounds your customer. It makes it hard for your competition to penetrate. It helps your customer complete projects quickly and gives you the time to complete your manufacturing part of the project on time. You are now perceived as a true innovative partner to your customers, introducing new technology that assists them in their pursuit of a leaner supply chain. And it wouldn’t hurt to take up mountain climbing.

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